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A Pirates of the Caribbean Awards Community

Why's the Rum Gone?

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Welcome to the Pirates of the Caribbean Icon Awards!

This is an awards community for Pirates of the Caribbean icons, named after Jack's favorite drink, where you can nominate your icons and icons by others. The purpose of this community is to give recognition to all the icon makers who have made icons from Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest. To become a member, please make sure you have read the rules below before clicking the "join" button. Membership is not moderated, so you join and post in the community automatically.

Your moderators are irishborn12 and aftereightmints.

The Code

01. NO HOTLINKING for any of your nominations -- upload all of them to your own image host. Try Photobucket or Image Shack, if you need a host. If anyone hotlinks they will be warned once and if the links are not fixed within 24 hours they will be banned from the community.

02. All icons must be some way related to the Pirates fandom.

03. For every icon that you nominate of your own, you must nominate one by someone else; however, you can only nominate three icons by the same icon maker.

04. All icons nominated must fit LJ size requirements (under 40KB and 100x100 pixels or smaller).

05. If you choose to nominate an icon in more than one category, it counts as more than one nomination. Also, if you choose to add more than one icon in one category, it also counts as more than one nomination.

06. You do not have to nominate in every category, but it is strongly encouraged. You can nominate up to 4 icons per category.

07. If you nominate more than 4 icons please place them behind an lj-cut.

08. You may nominate up to 22 icons per session. The reason for this is to help fill the categories, but not be overwhelmed with nominations.

09. When posting the nominations, you must put the username of the maker next to each icon.

10. Inform the icon maker you nominate that they are being nominated at rum_awards.

11. No promoting other communities here. This isn't the place, if you would like to be an affiliate that's great, but no promoting.


This is Either Madness...or Brilliance -- Best Use of Color
'Ello Poppet -- Best Icon Featuring an Actor/Actress
Welcome to the Caribbean, Love -- Best Couple/Shipper Icon
Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho -- Best Use of Text (Quote, Song Lyrics, etc.)
A Jar of Dirt -- Best Use of Cropping
Parleley, Parlelellyleloooo, Par le nee -- Best Comedic icon
Then They Made Me Their Chief -- Best Textless Icon
Moonlight Shows Us For What We Really Are -- Best Black and White Icon
What the Black Pearl Really Is...Is Freedom -- Best Emotional Icon
Weird and Haunted Shores at World's End -- Best Non-Icon (Banners, Headers, etc.)
Spiritually, Ecumenically, Grammatically -- Special Category

Spiritually, Ecumenically, Grammatically -- Special Category is...Stormy Weather

Do you have an idea for a special category to be used in a later week, or a general suggestion? Then go to this post.


If you'd prefer to use a template to code your nomination posts, so all your noms are listed in the proper order (which is very much appreciated), just copy and past the code from the box below:

You have 22 noms at your disposal, and as long as you follow all the rules listed above, you can edit this code to your liking, adding and subtracting where needed.


At the end of every two week sessions there will be a post for voting, which will contain a cut titled "But Why's the Rum Gone?" Please fill out the form in that post to vote.

Do Not vote for your own icon -- if you are nominated in a category, you must choose the 'Nominated' option in that category. You can also only vote once (this includes if you have more than one journal.)


Nominations (Two Weeks) -- Monday Evening - Friday Evening
Voting -- Friday Evening - Sunday Evening
Winners Announced -- Monday Evening



If anyone wishes to affiliate with rum_awards please leave a comment here.


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